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Rank Compare
Price Bandwidth Disk space Money back* Free domain* Free SSL* Site quantity
$ 1
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Unlimited 100 Gb Yes Yes No 1
$ 2.49
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Yes No Yes 10
$ 2.87
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Yes Yes Yes
$ 3.59
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500 Gb Yes Yes No 1

Best hosting rankings

Besthosting rankings are your guide in the world of the best web hosting providers

Why do we rate hosting providers? Given that any commercial project created for the long run
cannot exist without a website, selecting a proper web hosting provider should not be underestimated. Demand creates supply and with each passing day an increasing number of providers are ready to provide users with different quality web hosting services at different prices offering various packages. At the same cost of the package does not always determine the quality of the service and compliance with the promised arrangements.

Objective information and expert assessment

One reasonable way to assess the quality of any given service provider is by gathering user reviews and to analyze that information. You will be able to find those reviews and comparison analysis on our website.

Why BestHosting, rather than any other rating system?

Besthosting is not an impromptu project that was created at the request of the semi-literate webmaster. From day one it involved only highly qualified programmers and IT specialists with solid experience. We place only adequate, objective, useful and confirmed information based on users reviews.

Our comparison has been created and is developing only at our own expense. It is fully focused and oriented on the needs, goals and wishes of our users. From time to time we run a variety of promotions and discounts available from the hosting providers. Look for the appropriate “We recommend” signs on the website.

Systematic monitoring of domestic and foreign markets by our experts allows to:

  • maintain the database in adequate up-to-date condition;
  • to offer the most interesting and well-balanced offers;
  • exclude from the ranking proposals that no longer reflect the objective situation.

World wide geo-targeting is one of the most important priorities and benefits of Besthosting. We offer deals from reliable web hosting companies in the US, Canada, Great Britain and other countries.

We also offer a clearly structured, easily accessible, and logically ordered consistent information that can significantly reduce the time and effort spent searching for a specific package. To facilitate the routine procedure analyzing enormous amounts of data, we have provided a convenient filtering system allowing to narrow the search by such an essential criteria such as:

  • the cost of the tariff plan;
  • web hosting type;
  • web hosting and servers location by countries;
  • the preferred platform;
  • the amount of disk space required;
  • payment options;
  • additional services;

Our rating will help you to choose a suitable web hosting for websites of any size, scale and thematics. Our experts at Besthosting will provide professional and objective help in choosing a web hosting provider and will answer your questions related to the selection of VPS / VDS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, etc and provide useful information about discounts, promotions and the most profitable offers.